Men: Think Long-Term Legacy


The picture above powerfully illustrates the richness of LEGACY. Behind these smiling faces are a whole lots of choices. Choices to obey God. Choices to remain committed to our covenant. Choices to forgive.

We took advantage of one of those rare moments when almost “all of us” were together to capture this incredibly challenging, yet infinitely rewarding thing called FAMILY.

Families are becoming increasingly fragile. There is nothing Satan loves to attack more than those tender relational bonds between husbands and wives and the children created from that union.

The problem with many men is that they let the let the demands and frustrations of the present blind them from the beauty and satisfaction of the future. When you live selfishly, for today, you often make really bad choices.

I understand the grind. With each new baby, and we had eight of them, comes a whole new level of “death to self.”

There are sleepless nights when the newborn won’t stop crying, or the toddler is sick with a fever.

You are working hard, trying to stretch your paycheck to meet the demands of a growing family. The standard “cost of living” increases weren’t designed to cover the needs of a large family.

The family next door goes on a cruise for Spring Break. You go to Aldi’s.

If you’re not careful, you lose sight of what really matters. And when you really get stretched, you start to ask really dumb questions:

“Do I stay or do I go?”

Hang in there or give up?

“Will I be happier with someone else? Will my wife and kids be happier with someone else?”

When you’re pressing through the often unspectacular “grind” of the present, the grass will always look greener in someone else’s pasture.

But all of this thinking is a mere illusion. A fantasy. A fairy tale.

That’s when you must eject from the strains and stresses of the present and envision what your life will look like down the road…

When your kids are married.

When you and your bride are enjoying the grand kids.

When your belly will get bigger and your sex drive will be smaller.

When your old and wrinkly.

Think about growing old together, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, richer or poorer, until death.

So remember the words of the Lord:  Guard your passions! Keep faith with the wife of your youth. (Malachi 2:15 TLB)

Your best days are ahead.



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