My Clementine: Who’s Cheering You On?



Everyone needs one. And if you have a dozen or more, you’re exceptionally blessed.

No, I’m not referring to those seedless, succulent, shiny fruits, a cross hybrid between a sweet orange and mandarin orange, which my family loves to devour. While Clementine fruit is much to be desired, that’s not the Clementine I’m talking about.

I am referring to an amazing woman by the name of Clementine Churchill, the wife of the Nobel Prize-winning, and twice-elected wartime prime minister of the United Kingdom. Without Churchill’s leadership, Britain would have never survived her darkest hour and successfully warded off the Nazi nemesis. But without Clementine, Churchill would never have become prime minister. And by his own admission, the Second World War would have been “impossible without her.”

Churchill was an unlikely hero. He struggled in school. He failed sixth grade. Later in his life, he experienced numerous political setbacks and failures. Yet in spite of his many weaknesses and failures, he never lost sight of a personal dream – the dream of making a difference in his beloved Britain.

When he was finally elected as prime minister, at the ripe age of sixty-five, he confessed the secret weapon behind his success.


For thirty-two years, she was Winston’s emotional rock, the one who stood by him despite his political failures, financial hardships and public ridicule acting as his most trusted confidante and biggest fan.

Who is cheering you on?

Who is there to encourage you when life gets tough?

For your dream to survive, you’ll need a team of Clementines, a cheer-leading squad to breath life into your vision.

I am grateful for my Clementine, my beloved wife of thirty-four years, Marion.

She has been my biggest fan, my intimate friend and a never-ending source of emotional fresh air. She believes in me even when I don’t. She lifts me up when I am low. Her constant presence for the last three decades has been an unspeakable source of joy along life’s journey.

I am who I am because of her unwavering support.

On this day of her birth, I can hardly imagine  my life apart from hers. She will forever be, “My darling, Clementine!”

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