Men: Focus on Your Wife

vintage car

I am in a mentoring group with eight men from our church family. Each month we read a book and then get together to highlight some of the important takeaways. Last month we read a great book by Regi Campbell called, What Radical Husbands Do. Regi has a great way of connecting with men while challenging them to love their wives better. I highly recommend this book to any man who is looking to improve his game.

In the book, he shared a powerful illustration which he calls, The Car Analogy. It goes like this:
Imagine the car you have today is the only car you can ever have. I mean ever. How would you treat that car? Would you take care of it? Would you invest in it, keep it serviced, and protect it from harm? Would you abuse it? Take it for granted? How much time would you spend looking at other men’s cars online . . . or at new cars in the showroom?

Zero. None. Nada.

Because it would be a waste of time. With no way to legitimately get another car, you’d learn to be content with yours. As a matter of fact, if you took care of it well enough, someday you could have a collector car that others would envy. Collector cars — really valuable ones — are cared for from the time they leave the showroom until they reach their ultimate destinations in museums. You may have already done damage to yours, but all that can be taken care of with time, effort and consistent “TLC.”

The analogy highlights the power of focus in our marriage. We formed a covenant with our wife, before God, to love her, and her alone, until death parts us. If we focused on the fact that she is the one and only wife I will ever have, how would this change the way I treated her?

Would I be harsh or critical?

Would I make comparisons with other women?

Would I protect her from harm?

Would I invest in her?

Would I serve her?

Would I encourage her?

Would her countenance shine as a result of my meticulous care?

You get the point. Our wives are far more valuable than a million vintage cars. Even under the best conditions, cars, like all temporal possessions, will be subject to rust and decay. My wife, on the other hand, is eternal. She is priceless. And she is mine. If I give her the focused care and attention she deserves, I will enjoy the full measure of intimacy and pleasure which God intended for our marriage.

Love your wife with laser-like focus.

Treat her like a priceless treasure.



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