Awaken the Dawn

awaken the dawn

Good morning!

Spring is knocking and daylight savings time means the clock is rocking ahead on this beautiful March morning.

As we prepare to worship the Lord this morning, my thoughts are turned to our text in Psalm 57. This is the second of David’s “Cave Psalms” composed while he was hiding from King Saul and 3000 of Saul’s best warriors.

David ends this song with some good preaching. No, he’s not preaching to Saul and his army. David is actually preaching to himself! It’s a powerful message, one we all need to hear:

My worship will awaken the dawn, greeting the daybreak with songs of light!

Wherever I go I will thank you, my God. Among all the nations they will hear my praise songs to you.

Your love is so extravagant it reaches the heavens, Your faithfulness so astonishing it reaches to the sky!
Psalm 57:8-10, TPT

In some of the most trying times of David’s life, he tells himself to get up and to begin his day with WORSHIP. Regardless of the circumstances around you, the Lord’s extravagant love and astonishing faithfulness remain constant and fixed. Therefore,

From the rising of the sun to its setting
The name of the Lord is to be praised [with awe-inspired reverence].
Psalm 113:3, AMP

Let’s praise His glorious name together!

If you cannot join us in person this morning, please watch us on our YouTube channel or listen in at your convenience.

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