Getting Real with God

real prayer

This Sunday I’ll be continuing a series called, Cave Time, in which we are learning some lessons from King David on how to survive the dark and dismal seasons of life.

One thing I love about the Psalms is that they are breathtakingly real. Sometimes even raw. David has no problem sharing his guts with God. He doesn’t whitewash the problems. There’s no sugar-coating his fears. He lays them all out there, for the whole world to see.

For that I am grateful. David shows us how to be authentic and vulnerable with our pain before the watching eyes and listening ears of our gracious heavenly Father.

We’ll be talking more about this Sunday at Living Stones Church. If you’re going through a really tough time, we’d love to provide some support and encouragement.

In my last blog, I shared some really good news for those who are presently doing some “cave time.” I think it will be a blessing to you.

Bottom line: Be real with your heavenly Father. Share your heart. He’s there waiting for you.

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