Cave Time

cavetimeFor the past eight weeks we have been in a sermon series called “Lifelines.” The goal was to equip believers with the spiritual disciplines necessary to access the superabundance of grace which God makes available to us.

But we never stopped to address why we need these lifelines in the first place. I gave you the tools but I never addressed the context.

In case you haven’t realized it yet, life this side of eternity is not a perpetual mountaintop experience. The wind is not always at your back. The days are not all filled with sunshine. Life is hard.

The reason we need God’s help, the reason we need to learn how to access lifelines, is because life is filled with difficult challenges. This is why Peter reminds the church not to view the fiery trials they are going through as something out of the ordinary! (I Peter 4:12)

To the contrary, God uses and even ordains these difficult chapters of our lives for His glory and for our maturity. Every believer will endure “cave time.”

What is a cave?

It’s a place of death.

It’s a place of testing.

It’s a place of separation.

It’s a place of breaking.

Cave time is God’s prep school, and He reserves a spot for all of his kids. It’s the university where He trains us to experience more of His glory and goodness.

Joseph had his prison.

Moses had his desert.

Jeremiah had his pit.

Daniel had his den.

Paul enjoyed multiple jail cells.

Even our Lord, Jesus Christ, had his time in the wilderness, and eventually landed in a cave/tomb.

The good news is that God’s best students graduated with honors from cave school…and YOU can too!

King David was one of those honor grads. This Sunday we’ll look at his notes!

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